Let’s start with a quick recap. It all began with President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo submitting the name of Police Commissioner General Budi Gunawan (BG) to the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) as the sole nominee to replace the outgoing National Police (POLRI) Chief General Sutarman. The DPR warmly welcomed BG’s nomination. But soon afterwards, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) declared BG a suspect in a graft investigation. Defiant, the DPR passed BG’s nomination despite the latter’s status as a criminal suspect. Under intense public pressure, the President decided to postpone BG’s appointment, even though Sutarman had already been dismissed. Sutarman’s deputy Badrodin Haitin assumed the leadership of POLRI as a result, and then mysteriously sacked the Criminal Investigation (Bareskrim) Chief Suhardy Alius. Suhardy was replace by BG’s long-term subordinate Budi Waseso, whose team then declared KPK Deputy Chief Bambang Widjojanto a suspect in a criminal investigation. And here we are now, dazed and confused.To subscribe please click here